Although the flavor may be quite sweet, when teamed with a fresh crispy green salad you will find that this type of barbecued steak tastes wonderful.


Ingredients :

  1. 4 x 200g Rump, Fillet or Sirloin Steaks
  2. 240ml Bourbon Whiskey
  3. 200g Dark Brown Sugar

Instructions :

1. You need to lightly score the surface of each steak with the tip of a sharp knife on one side (diagonally). Then place into a shallow dish with the side you have scored facing upwards. Now you must pour the bourbon over the steaks and then over the top sprinkle on the dark brown sugar before then rubbing it in.
2. Once you have done the above you must now cover the steak up and place in the refrigerator and leave for 1 to 3 hours for the marinate to infuse into the meat. Around 15 minutes before you take the steaks out of the refrigerator you should get your barbecue going. Once the barbecue is hot enough and you have placed the grill about 6 inches above the heat you can place the steaks on to the grill sugar side down. Allow them to cook for around 4 to 5 minutes or until the sugar has caramelized.
3. Whilst the steak is going you should baste the side of the steak that is facing towards you with the remaining marinade before then turning it over. Just as with the previous side you should cook it again for around 4 to 5 minutes or cook until it is done to how you or your guests like it. Once the steak is ready serve immediately with a fresh green salad.
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