Loutus Bread

Loutus Bread

Ingredients :

  1. Flour
  2. Angel yeast (sugar tolerant)
  3. A800 bread improver
  4. sugar
  5. salt
  6. milk powder
  7. eggs
  8. honey
  9. milk
  10. butter

Pineapple peel :

  1. margarine
  2. sugar
  3. eggs
  4. cake flour
Loutus Bread

Instructions :

  1. Mix and stir the dough to 70% then add butter, stir the dough again until gluten expands. Maintain the dough temperature between 26-28℃.
  2. Basic ferment for 60 minutes at 26-28℃
  3. Divide the dough into pieces of 80g/each.
  4. Moulding the dough: cut one third of dough. Coat the remaining dough with pineapple peel. Roll one third of the dough flat and wrap the remaining dough. Final proof at 36-38℃ and humidity 75-80% for one hour
  5. Fermented the dough to 70%, brush with eggs and cut a cross on top, then bake.
  6. Baking temperature: upper filament 180℃, lower filament:190℃
  7. Baking time: 12 minutes .

Feature :

With super rising power and oven spring, Angel yeast (sugar tolerant) is welcomed and favored.

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