Chicken breast ( 4 Ingredients )

Chicken breast

You can cook a great piece of chicken breast with just these 4 ingredients .

Ingredients :

  1. 2 chicken breasts
  2. Garlic
  3. Honey
  4. Soy sauce
chicken breast

Instructions :

  1.  First you mix about 1/2 soy sauce with 1/2 honey. Put the mixture into a pan, heat it up on the stove until the mixture is starting to foam a bit. Then, put a clove of chopped up garlic in it and put it in a bowl. Let it cool down to room temperature again.
  2. Then, chop up the chicken breast in two (or smaller pieces, whatever you like) and put them in the mixture. Make sure the mixture is all over the chicken. Let it rest for at least an hour in the fridge. Then you just prepare the chicken breasts in a pan, or oven until fully cooked.
  3.   Really easy way to make a cheap but tasty teriyaki-garlic style chicken. Tastes great on its own, but also with noodles, radish and paksoi.

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