Easy Semifreddo ( Only 4 Ingredients )

Easy Semifreddo

  You may not win first prize for authenticity with this simplified frozen dessert, but you will end up with a no-cook version of the Italian classic. Consider this an easy introduction that will get raves from your friends and family.
Easy Semifreddo
Makes about 8 servings

Ingredients :

  1. 2 cups cold heavy cream
  2. 6 tablespoons confectioners’ (or “powdered”) sugar
  3. 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  4. One 71⁄2-ounce jar Marshmallow Fluff or Marshmallow Cream

Instructions :

  1. Line a 1-quart (4 × 9 × 21⁄4-inch) loaf pan with plastic wrap and place it in the freezer while you prepare the components of this recipe.
  2. Beat the cream and confectioners’ sugar in a large, cold bowl with an electric mixer at high speed until the cream has doubled in volume and holds soft peaks when the beaters are stopped and pulled up. Beat in the vanilla and about a third of the Marshmallow Fluff, then fold in the remainder of the Fluff with a rubber spatula, using long arcs so as not to deflate the mixture.
  3. Remove the prepared pan from the freezer and spoon in the creamy mixture, spreading it gently to the corners with a rubber spatula. Freeze until cold and set but still soft, 6 to 8 hours. Wrap in plastic wrap; store this way for up to 3 weeks.
  4. To serve, turn the pan upside down on a cutting board or a serving platter. Gently wriggle it around, holding on to the plastic wrap, until the semifreddo comes loose and pops out. Remove the pan and any plastic wrap; slice the loaf into 1-inch-thick pieces and serve these on individual plates.

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