Pineapple, carrot, and beet juice ( 4 Ingredients )

Pineapple, carrot, and beet juice 

Ingredients :

  1. 1⁄4 small pineapple, peeled, sliced thickly 
  2. 2 medium carrots 
  3. 1 small red beet, chopped 
  4. 1 tablespoon lime juice 
Pineapple, carrot, and beet juice

Prep time: 5 minutes
serves 1
Nutritional count per serving :
0.3g total fat (0g saturated fat); 105 cal; 20.7g carbohydrate; 2.8g protein; 3.5g fiber

Instructions :

  1. Push pineapple, carrots, and beet through juice extractor into glass. Stir in
  2. tablespoons water and lime juice.

Tip :

This juice is a mega-healthy boost for your body. Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body
digest protein; carrots are packed with vitamins A and C; beets are reputed to be one of the best liver-cleansing
vegetables. Cheers!

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