A great, healthy autumn soup : Pumpkin ginger soup

Pumpkin ginger soup

Ingredients for about 7 servings:

  1. 2 butternut squashes
  2. 2-3 cloves of garlic
  3. Half an inch of fresh ginger root
  4. 2 onions (optional, but very tasty)
  5. Vegetable stock (or any other kind)
pumpkin-ginger soup
pumpkin-ginger soup

How to make:

  1.   Microwave the squashes for 4 minutes to make it soft enough to cut. Cut in two (lengthwise), scrape out the seeds with a spoon. Peel off the skin with a knife or a potato peeler. Throw away the seeds and skin. Chop the remaining squash in pieces, small enough to fit into a blender.

  2.   Chop the onions, ginger and garlic in pieces. The size doesn’t really matter, since it will go into the blender as well.

  3.   Heat up a big souppan, put a bit of (olive) oil in it. Let the oil heat up. Put in the onion, keep stirring it for a couple of minutes. Then you put in the garlic, also stirring it for about a minute. Then put in the squash, stir it for about 5 minutes.

  4.   Then you put in the vegetable stock, let it cook for about 20 minutes. Then you put it in a blender, blend until it’s a smooth substance. Then you can add the ginger root piece by piece, and blend it again. Important: since too much ginger can make your soup too spicy, it’s recommended you taste the soup before you add more ginger.

  5.   Finish it with a little bit of pepper and salt to your taste. Optional: crème fraiche and parsley
  6. Enjoy .
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