How to prepare coffee (The perfect espresso )

 How to prepare coffee

The perfect espresso: ‘Made in Italy’ excellence

  Espresso is perfectly suited for the hectic rhythms of modern life. To prepare a full-bodied, intense aroma espresso certain conditions are needed: the basket filter should hold just 7 gr of coffee, and water heated to around 88/94°C should pass through the filter for about 25/30 seconds. In this way, we obtain around 25/30 ml of espresso coffee, to sip slowly, from a well dry and heated, ceramic cone-shaped cup.

To prepare a perfect espresso just follow the 5 rules:

  1. Blend. The secret of every roasting is to find the correct blend and maintain this quality over time.
  2. Grinder-dispenser. The predetermined dose of coffee should be ground so as to extract 25-30ml of espresso, and making the coffee takes 25-30 seconds.
  3. Espresso coffee-machine. It is fundamental to chose a high quality machine.
  4. Barista’s touch. The touch of each barista heavily influences the final cup of coffee: correct dose, correct and uniform pressure in the coffee filter.
  5. Maintenance. All equipment must be checked periodically.
How to prepare coffee
 How to prepare coffee

Filter coffee: American coffee :

  This is the most used method in America and Northern Europe. Coffee is obtained by infusion and not emulsion. It is traditionally served in large mugs or glasses for hot drinks and drunk throughout the day, at home or in the office. (Not to be confused with an Americano: this is a double espresso, diluted with hot water) To prepare American or filter coffee, a medium ground coffee must be used and a suitable filter or drip brew coffee machine. The resulting drink has a high caffeine level and a weak aroma, as few oils penetrate the filter.

To obtain a perfect American coffee:

  1. With an electric drip coffee-maker, put the ground coffee into the filter holder, around 8gr for every 2 cups, fill the water tank and switch on the machine for a few minutes.
  2. With a glass coffee-maker or thermal carafe: place the filter in the upper part – the filter holder. Spoon the ground coffee into the paper filter. Pour hot water over the coffee and leave it to filter through. Let sit for about 5 minutes, keeping the carafe hot. If using a glass coffee maker, the final coffee can then be kept warm in a thermal carafe.

The Moka pot: the traditional Italian way :

  This is the most used method in Italian homes. Coffee prepared in the moka should be drunk slowly, with the intense aroma wafting through the house, creating a deep, rich sensorial atmosphere recalling those waking moments, in our memory, moments of warm family life and welcoming friends. There are numerous types of moka coffeepots on the market and everyone has their own way of using them. There are also a great variety of blends and qualities – what is important is to use a medium ground coffee.

To make a perfect coffee with a moka coffee-pot:

  1. Pour cold water into the base of the coffee-pot, up to the level of the valve, without going over it.
  2. Fill the filter basket to the top, taking care not to press down on the coffee.
  3. Screw the upper part of the pot tightly onto the base, having carefully checked that the rubber gasket is in good condition.
  4. Put the coffee pot on the burner, at a low heat.
  5. When the coffee begins to rise and spill into the chamber, but before it fills to the top, remove the pot from the heat. (Hint: if the coffee shouldn’t rise, run the base of the coffee  pot under the cold tap for a few seconds and place again on the heat)
  6. After each use, clean the coffee-pot well, using only warm water. Wait until it has dried completely before storing it away.

Turkish coffee: aroma of the Orient :

  This method for preparing coffee is found throughout the Middle East and other regions. It is prepared in a typical copper and bronze pot, a cezve, which has a long handle. The ground coffee used must be extremely fine. The resulting coffee is strong with a high caffeine content as the coffee remains infused in the water. Turkish coffee is characterised by the optional addition of spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.

To prepare Turkish coffee:

  1. Fill the cezve with water (around 25ml per cup).
  2. Add sugar, to taste, and bring to the boil.
  3. Remove from the heat and add in between one to two teaspoons of coffee, per cup.
  4. Place the pot on the heat again and bring the coffee to the boil, twice. Between the boilings, remove the pot from the heat and pour the resulting foam into the cups.
  5. After the second boiling, pour the coffee into the cups, over the foam, without filtering it.
  6. Add spices, if desired.
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