Baghali Ghatogh – stew of beans and dill

 Baghali Ghatogh  stew of beans and dill

  Baghali Ghatogh is one of the famous dishes in north Iran. It’s one of the few vegetarian dishes of Persian cuisine which taste is a bit particular because of the generous usage of dill. It tastes great with kateh rice and pickled garlic!

Ingredients : | 2-3 servings

  1. 100g/3.5of fresh (or frozen) chopped Dill
  2. 1 clove of garlic
  3. 1 teaspoon Turmeric
  4. 400g/14oz fresh Cranberry beans
  5. 3 Eggs
  6. Clarified butter or oil
Baghali Ghatogh – stew of beans and dill
Baghali Ghatogh – stew of beans and dill

Preparation :

  1. Beans should be peeled, if they are fresh you can do that right away but if not soak them for 8h first then you can peel them easily.
  2.  Pour a bit of oil and add finely chopped garlic in a pan. Stir a bit, on 🔥 medium heat
  3.  Add turmeric and chopped dill and continue to stir
  4.  Add peeled beans, stir them again
  5.  Pour water till it covers all ingredients
  6.  Add salt & paper and cover the pan with its lid. Leave it on medium-low heat for 20-30 minuts till the beans are cooked
  7.  Add eggs and wait for 5 minutes so the eggs cooks (cover the pan with the lid)
  8. Serve Baghali ghatogh with white rice.

Notes :

The traditional accompaniment of this dish is pickled garlic, it’s great also with Shirazi salad

When is the season for Cranberry beans, in late summer, I usually buy kilos of them and peel in-front of a long movie with my mother. Then we store them in the freezer just ready to use.

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